Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sandy's Top Ten Baby Items

I have seen so many baby announcements lately so I want to share my top ten baby items.  Everyone's opinion on what's needed or wanted varies in this department and may differ from baby to baby.  This post is my two cents and what worked for me and Hank.

1. Bouncy Seat.  Hank basically lived in his bouncy when he was an infant.  Ours played music and vibrated! 

2. White Onesies.  You either hate them or love them.  I love them.  They keep baby cool or warm depending on the season.  They are also that one item you won't be super pissed about throwing out when baby shits all over it.  

3. The Nose Frida.  This invention is simply amazing - looks and sounds disgusting, but during that first cold you'll be so glad you have it.  Imagine having a stuffy nose and not being able to blow it - poor babes. (PS: Need a laugh?  Read the Amazon reviews.) 

4. Inchbug labels.  I was having bottle confusion at our old daycare so I bought a package of these.  A lot of daycare centers make you label your bottles so these are a great alternative to stickers or sharpies that could rub off or ruin your bottles. 

5. An Extra Car Seat / Base.  There have been multiple times where Andy needed to pick Hank up at daycare unexpectedly.  It is so nice to have two car seats / bases so we don't  have to reinstall it each time.  Yes, it's expensive, but so worth it. 

6. Baby Bathtub.  We got a little tub with a seat as a gift .  It was so nice when Hank was itty bitty.  My biggest fear was giving baths, but with the baby tub it wasn't scary at all! 

7. Comfortable Nursing Bras and Tanks.  This is something I didn't think about until after the baby was born.  God, my boobs were huge!  These tanks and bras snap at the strap so it's easy to nurse right away and any where.  AND spend the money.  From my experience, us curvy gals need the good, expensive ones! My favorites were at Motherhood Maternity.  

8. Extra Bedding and Changing Table Sheets .... because you'll never know when baby will shit or piss all over them.  

9. Boppy Pillow.  This can be used before baby while you're sleeping, after baby while nursing, tummy time, and while baby learns how to sit!  Great, simple invention. 

10. Baby Monitor.  We had a really nice video one, but it broke.  We bought a cheap $20 one that's just sound while the video one was being fixed by Motorola ... Honestly, it's just as good.  Don't waste your money.  I recommend a monitor, but an expensive one is totally not needed (unless someone else buys it for ya!). 

Hope these tips help someone.  I know I Google'd and Google'd during my pregnancy.  But, I want to re-add that these are what worked for me and Hank, everyone's opinion differs and might even differ from baby to baby.  Happy New Year!


Sandy (and baby Hank!)

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