Sunday, August 14, 2016


What the hell? When did this happen? I have a one year old!  Well one year, two week, and five day old.  Sorry, late blog!  I seriously feel like he changed into a toddler over night.  But as much as I miss having a little baby in the house (and no, I am not ready to have another one), I am excited for the next year.  While working at the daycare the toddler ages were my favorite.  

Henry is one smart kid!  He started walking just before his birthday and now can can walk about eight to ten steps at a time.  It's more like "toddling" ... but basically walking.  He gets so excited too.  I knew he would walk right before his birthday and made a bet with Andy that he would do so.  I won! 

Henry also likes to "do art" ... we bought him some stickers and crayons!  He is getting the hang of it and seems to enjoy it.  He thinks he is a goat and eats the stickers, but we're reminding him he is not one.  He likes sidewalk chalk too, but we don't have much he can draw on here at home.  We're creative  - our house walls are adobe.  I wonder if our landlord would approve toddler art on the outside house walls. ;) 

Lastly, Henry pretty much eats anything.  He is completely done with baby food and enjoys mostly everything we have him try.  So far his favorites are turkey dogs, green beans, edamame, strawberries, yogurt, and french fries!  

Check out Henry's growth progression below.  I will post a birthday party blog soon too! 

Month Eleven

Dislikes: ... being dropped off at daycare, buts gets over it fast and he doesn't like his hat.
Likes: his dump-truck, Horton blanket, and SWIMMING!!!
Weight: 23 pounds
Length: 32.5 inches

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