Monday, June 27, 2016

Eleven Months

This past month was great!  Henry took his THIRD plane ride - we went "home" for our cousin's wedding celebration and to visit.  It was really nice to be in Michigan during the summer.  My parents made sure their pool was open so we were able to spend a couple days soaking the rays and dipping our toes.  It's hard to say goodbye after seeing Henry bond with his grandparents, but coming home to New Mexico was great because Grandma Ricci flew back with us!  She is staying until the 4th of July while Henry's daycare is closed.  They are having quite the time together, watching movies, playing with all his toys, singing songs, and .... cleaning my house (lol).  Andy and I even got to go on TWO date nights and are hoping for one more while Grandma is here.

Henry's development increases every day!  His word like sounds are now spilling out of him.  Though his vocabulary consists of only a couple of words like "ma" and "da," he babbles short, fully inflected sentences that sounds like he's speaking a foreign language.  We act as though we understand his statements and requests so he doesn't get embarrassed. ;)

Another thing I have noticed is that it is harder for him to say goodbye / get passed off to Andy, Maria, or the Grandparents - he knows who I am now and wants me all the time.  I try really hard to give him independence, but its hard when he cries for me with outstretched arms.  It IS very rewarding at the same time. I love me some Hank Cuddles <3

Henry hasn't taken his first steps yet, but I think it is coming soon.  He is a maniac in his walker and loved the push walker toy Grandpa Joe and Grandma Deb had.  He can walk the length of his playard and while holding onto the couch or our hands, but that first unassisted step hasn't happened yet.  Not sure I am ready for that!

Lastly, Henry is starting to play more and more.  He has an attention span of two to five minutes, but nonetheless he is interested in most of his toys.  He thinks it is fun to push, throw, and knock things down, especially throwing things down from our loft.

Taking his growth picture are harder and harder.  This was the best I could do this month.

I couldn't not get a non-blurry picture.  These will have to do! 

Here ma ... I don't want this. 
Month Eleven

Milestones: See above :) SO MANY
Dislikes: Bananas (loved them last month!) and the boob - we are pretty much done nursing.  His attention span is an issue while nursing.  He likes to see what is going on around him.  Eleven months isn't bad though!  I went eleven months longer than I thought I would!
Likes: Playing Peek-a-Boo, Feeding mommy or daddy from his high chair tray, and still loves bathtime
Weight: not 'til next month
Length: not 'til next month

Michigan (early) Birthday:

With Great Grandpa Morello
I used to babysit these two! 

Pool Time

Me and Henry with my second cousin and her son  <3
Four Generations of Morello Men 

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