Wednesday, January 20, 2016


On January 18, 2016 at about 3:00 pm, Andy and I witnessed a horrific accident.  We were just finishing a short hike in Diablo Canyon on the sunny day and stopped to admire the rock climbers.  As we watched, a woman climber started struggling and we heard her cry, "Oh no!" An article in the Santa Fe New Mexican said she was confused removing anchors, but no one really knows what happened. I heard her screaming, "No!" over and over again as I watched her fall over 100 feet hitting into the rock wall every quarter of a second or so.  I swear she was falling for ten minutes, but it had to be only a few seconds. 

Other climbers rushed to assist her.  I didn't hear the woman anymore.  I heard a man say he was an EMT.  I heard him delegate tasks to the people around him.  I heard him say she was face down.  "She has multiple fractures. There's no pulse." I heard.   I felt like I was in a movie.  I couldn't believe what my eyes just saw.  Andy was the one to call 911.  I could see the terror in his eyes.  

We waited for the rescue team and Andy assisted as much as he felt comfortable. We didn't know these people, but felt an urge to stick around.  After an hour or so we asked a policeman if we should stay.  He took a statement from Andy and told us he'd reach out if we were needed again.  The drive home was silent. 

On January 16, 2016 at about 11:30 am I was writing down things I was grateful for at a monthly parenting class I attend.  We talked mostly about removing all negative notations from our lives as our children can sense these messages.  We talked about taking in all aspects of the world by admiring simple things.  We also talked about our mothers and how they influenced us and how we can strive to learn from them by starting to love ourselves first.  We had to look at ourselves in a mirror for multiple minutes, finding our beauty and embracing it.  

I sit here and reflect about my class Saturday and compare these ideas to what happened Monday afternoon.  I think about how short life can be and who I said I love you to last.  I think about all the things I've complained about and think why? Why was that so bad?  Why did that really bother me?  This experience has opened my mind and proved that gratitude is important.  Saying out loud, through meditation, in a prayer, whatever you might do, what you are grateful for every day is essential.  It has truly helped me over the past couple days. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Five Months

Last month pink eye, this month a cold ... do running noses and sleepless nights ever stop?  Ha.  This month tested my maternal instinct greatly.  BUT I wouldn't change it for a thing.  Andy and I sure learned a lot this month.  Teamwork is the best in times like these.  I am thankful to say that his cold only lasted three days (thanks to essential oils and lots of love), but boy was I happy to get a full night's sleep that fourth day.

Henry enjoyed his first Christmas.  He was extremely spoiled and got tons of clothes and toys! He also enjoyed hosting our first Christmas party in Santa Fe.  We're thinking it will become a tradition.  (Sorry MI friends and family ... We would much rather come to the mitten in the summer anyway.)

Keeping a 5 month old still long enough is a challenge ...

Month Five

Milestones: Cut his two bottom front teeth and starting increasing his gross motor skills
Dislikes: Night time car rides ... maybe scared of the dark?
Likes: Still loves Tikka, his thumb, and food
Weight: 15 lbs 6 oz
Length: 27 inches long

I apologize for the short and sweet posting, life has sure been busier with a little baby.  Until next time,