Monday, October 26, 2015

Three Months

Has it really been three months since I was in the delivery room moaning, crying, and pushing with all my might.  ("They" told me I would forget the pain, but I didn't.  First time mommies, don't believe the lies!)  Has it really been three months since the first time I held my brand new baby boy?  Has it really been three months since I became a mom?  One thing"they" didn't lie about is that fact that your babies grow so fast.  Time flies "they" said, but it honestly feels more like the speed of light.  I blinked and am back to work and have a three month old who can almost roll over and tries to sit up.  And Christmas is only two months away ... WTF!

Henry is just loving life.  He is such a joy to be around and only has had a few fussy days in his lifetime.  But we think that he might be starting to teethe because he will not stop chewing on his fists, blankets, or .... us.  He has this little lamb blanket (Lamby, How original? I know!) that is so ratted down from his spit and slobber so I foresee more fussy nights coming our way.

On a positive note, he absolutely adores Maria, his daytime caregiver (chickens and all) and as of late, he is obsessed with his dad.  I seriously love seeing Andy and Henry interact with each other.  I knew that Andy would be a great daddy, but he has gone above and beyond what I expected.  It is truly a magical thing.  They like to fly (see photo below), read, and have bath time together.

This past weekend Henry was invited to his first TWO Halloween parties.  Andy and I decided to tag along ;) It was so fun dressing him up, he loved it, but the pictures display otherwise.  We have party number three this weekend.  I can't wait to actually go trick or treating with him next year for the first time.  The undescribable imaginations of the kids trick or treating was so amazing to witness on Saturday, I can't wait to see that spark in my little guy.

As promised, PICTURES!

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