Saturday, September 26, 2015

Two Months

Where did the last two months go?  I swear my mom was just here cleaning my house and making me dinner.  (Thanks, Mom!)  I guess I didn't believe everyone when they told me time would fly by.

I also can't get over the fact that my little baby boy is now 12 pounds 10 ounces and 23.5 inches long!  He is growing out of his three month clothes so quickly, we're going to need to go shopping soon.  I think all the growing has made him super sleeping because my TWO MONTH old now sleeps through the night.  Last night he slept over ten hours!  I love that he sleeps, but Andy and I now wake up every four to five hours to check on him.  That is another tip I was told that was right, "You will never truly sleep again."

So month three of Henry's life is a big one.  He starts daycare next week!  We found a lovely lady who lives only ten minutes from my office.  She has chickens in her backyard and a garden that she uses to feed the kiddos! Fresh pureed baby food anyone?  Henry and I have been visiting every other week to get to know her better and I feel really comfortable with her.  She adores him already.  We have a stash of breastmilk ready (72 ounces!), a plan for the mornings (have to wake up earlier!), and his diaper bag ready to go.  I, on the other hand, might be a mess Tuesday morning.  (We are slowly easing into going to daycare/going back to work part-time for the first few weeks.)  I know that he is in good hands and trust her, but I haven't been away from him for more than a few hours.  Andy gets every other Friday off, so I have tested myself the past few Fridays to prepare for the "big day" next week.  Fingers crossed I keep my head up and won't need too many tissues.

Anyway, like I promised, below are his monthly photos!

Comparison of this month and last.  SO BIG! 
At two months old Henry loves to stand while we are holding him, can roll over from back to side, side to back, he LOVES his thumb, and is the happiest in the mornings.  Can't wait to see the changes next month.  Until then ...



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