Wednesday, September 16, 2015

So this is it ...

The last of our visitors have visited and left.  Andy and I are now on our own.  I knew moving away from family would be hard and not that I regret our life choices, I'm nervously excited to start this new life as a family of three.  I know we can handle it, but damn ... having family here for the last six weeks has been a blessing to say the least.

To celebrate, I've highlighted my favorite moments with our amazing family members below.  

I absolutely love that Andy captured these photos of me and mom.  I will cherish these images forever.   
The four of us visited Los Alamos while Andy worked one day.  Henry decided it would be a good idea to explode his pants while at the Bradbury Museum.  While we were learning about bombs, he was dropping one.  (Of course it was the one (and only) time I didn't bring the diaper bag!) 
Three generations of Morello Men.  Grandpa Joe's face displays all my feelings about this image.  I just love it! 
Aunt Natalie spoiled the crap out of Hank while she was here.  I can't get over their instant connection and hope it lasts a lifetime.  I couldn't have asked for a better sister.  
I love each and every one of you so much.  Thank you for all your love, gifts, help around the house, and support throughout the last six weeks ... and eleven months.  Andy and I could not have gone through this without you.

For those who weren't here in person, but in spirit, we are so grateful for your love, all the gifts, and your support from afar.  I seriously can't wait for Henry to meet the rest of our family and friends over Thanksgiving.  How many more days?



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