Saturday, August 1, 2015

Henry Andrew Morello

The day finally has come!  On July 26, 2015 at 9:46 pm, Andy and I welcomed our son, Henry Andrew, into the world.

I was induced that morning around 11:00 am and then a few hours later the doctor broke my water. Once they did, the contractions started and boy was it horrible!!! I was only going for a few hours when they administered the epidural and felt so much better after.  I must have relaxed because I was at only three centimeters beforehand and then 20 or 30 minutes later I dilated to eight!  I only pushed for an hour and then Henry was born! 

He did give us a scare though. After the epidural Henry's heart rate dropped and five nurses ran in to give me oxygen and made me move in all these different positions. They thought he was ok, but when he was born the cord was around his neck.  Andy quickly cut the cord and the nurses rubbed Henry vigorously to make him cry.  Everything else after that happened perfectly. 

After a few days as a mommy I remembered half way through my pregnancy when I wrote a blog post titled Half Way There.  This post highlighted the things people should probably NOT say to a hormonal pregnant woman ... Now that I'm postpartum and enjoying life as a first time mommy, I want to share the very HELPFUL advice I was giving during my pregnancy and before and after birth. 


1. Purchase a pregnancy pillow. My mom bought me one for my birthday.  I had problems sleeping from the very beginning of my pregnancy to the end.  This pillow was a lifesaver.  Don't skimp, buy one the day you find out you're pregnant and ignore all the hateful things your partner might say about it.

2. Prenatal Yoga.  I was extremely lazy during my pregnancy.  I had zero motivation to do anything active.  Before I found out I was pregnant I went to a yoga class twice a week at the YMCA and loved it. I missed it so much, but knew there were certain poses you can't do with a baby in your belly and I wasn't sure which ones.  I explained this to someone and they told me to find a prenatal yoga class.  I did and boy did it help!  I didn't feel like a lazy bum anymore.

3. Birth Plan? Meh.  Just make sure you and your partner know what you both want.  Someone told me the nurses and Doctor won't even look at it and someone else told me their plan never left their suitcase.  Andy and I sat down together around 39 weeks to make sure he knew everything I wanted to happen if I couldn't speak for myself and to make sure I knew what he expected.

4. Pack light for the hospital and put the bag in your car around 35 weeks.  We brought one suitcase with items for me, Andy, and baby.  Just one bag.  Your partner, family members, or friends can always bring or buy something you forgot or didn't know you needed.  Take advantage of your family and friends during this time.  You can return the favor somehow someday.

BUT pack more than one outfit for baby and more than one size.  Henry pooped a lot during his hospital stay.  Some babies don't, but it's better to be safe than sorry.  Also, he was almost 9 lbs!  We had to call Pediatrics to bring bigger diapers for Henry and my mom (thank goodness for my mom this week!) had to bring more changes of clothes.  

5. Get prenatal massages. I wish I would have done this sooner .... so I got two at the very end.  Seriously they were the best massages of my life and relaxed me for what was to come. 

6. Patience.  I was almost a week late.  So many people said, "The baby will come when it's ready."  Yes, it was annoying to hear 100 times a day, but it was true.  You won't be pregnant forever, your doctor wouldn't allow it. 

7. Take everything you can from the hospital.  You are paying for it, so take it!  They give you pretty much everything you will need.  Don't bring your own diapers or wipes, they are expensive so take advantage of the free sh*t!

8. Warn your partner.  Don't be scared to give him or her too much information.  Tell them the nitty gritty, gross and dirty details.  Make sure they read up on birth and what to expect.  They need to be prepared.  Also, don't be surprised if your partner surprises you.  Andy was absolutely amazing, I knew he would be, but he went above and beyond my expectations in the delivery room and during my recovery.  (This is my personal advice!)

9. Take an Epsom salt bath.  I tore a little.  It's not fun having stitches down there.  I totally forgot someone told me to do this so I did yesterday and felt instant relief.  I added just enough water to cover my legs and sat in the warm bath for ten minutes.  (Don't sit too long though.  My doctor said no soaking, but a quick bath was ok.)

10.  If baby is a boy don't be scared to go heavy on the Vaseline for his penis.  A friend told me they used it on the gauze and in the diaper. Their baby healed with in one week from the circumcision.  I hope I have the same luck with Henry! 

I'll end this blog with my advice.  Take everyone's suggests with a grain of salt.  What worked for them might not work for you and they mean what they say with love, not to be annoying or tell you what to do.  This milestone in your life is a special one and friends and family just want to play their part and help.



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