Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Half Way There

Wow!  That went fast.  I cannot believe we are half way through our pregnancy.  In just 20 weeks I will be able to hold my little baby for the first time.  Our families have already made arrangements to visit this summer and gifts are already pouring in.  This experience is extremely surreal.

The beginning of the pregnancy wasn't the best.  It could have been worse, but I truly did not enjoy it.  With that said, last week we had our second ultrasound and seeing our baby's face changed everything.  I have finally gotten over the "scared as hell" feeling and am now starting to get very, very excited.

To celebrate 20 weeks I thought I could entertain you all with the things people have already said to me.  Things people should probably NOT say to a hormonal pregnant woman.  Like I said above, the first half was not fun and these just did not help ... enjoy ...
  1. Are you sure there is only one in there?
    This was said more than once in the beginning of my pregnancy.  I thought it was bizarre because I actually lost weight during my first trimester and I didn't feel like I looked that much different.  But it did make me extremely happy that some thought the size of my midsection said otherwise.  Thanks for that.
  2. Can I touch it?  .... as your hand immediately reaches for my belly before I can answer.
    I understand this questions is asked in love and admiration, but it feels very, very invasive.  I love that people are fascinated about my pregnancy and I really don't mind if you touch my belly, but please wait for me to answer before you touch.  I might not be feeling up for it the day you ask.
  3. You go to bed at what time?!?!
    People who haven't been pregnant do not understand how important sleep is.  I have been keeping to a pretty tight routine during the week and have noticed that some individuals enjoy calling me out for this.  Well ... I am sorry.  Deal with it.
  4. When are you going to have your second?
    Hey!  Can I just get through this pregnancy first?
  5. When I was pregnant ... When my sister was pregnant .... When my friend was pregnant ....
    All pregnancies are different.  Please share your opinions when asked.  Give me all the nitty gritty details.  BUT if I didn't ask, then keep your opinions and suggestions to yourself.
  6. Don't you think those heels are too tall for a pregnant lady?
    This was said by my dearest husband.  I am not one to be left speechless, but this one did the trick.  I don't even think he knew I was mad at him for saying this.  Sensitivity is key around pregnant moms.  Please don't forget that!
  7. Your life will never be the same.
    Yes, yes, I know.  Thanks for the tip.  This brilliant little cliché might mean well, but to me it always has a pretentious ring to it.  Plus, you are stating the obvious.  Additionally, don't tell me to "rest up" because I won't get any sleep after the baby arrives.  Or tell me I might not want to return to work after delivery.  Or frighten me with horrible birthing stories.  Stop scaring me more than I already am.  It is just not nice!
  8. You should start eating this ... take this ... do this ....
    I know.  I know.  I know.  Again, if you haven't been pregnant you do not understand.  I know I need to eat healthy, but salad and carrots just don't sound appetizing right now.  I know I should take my vitamins every day, but sometimes I forget on the weekends.  I know I should exercise, but do you understand how tired I am?!?
So there it is.  In addition to nausea, sleep deprivation, food aversion, smells (oh the smells!), adult acne, mood swings, breast tenderness, frequent urination, constipation, hair issues, bleeding gums, bloating, and much, much more, these few things have really put a damper on my pregnancy.  I am sorry if this blog post might make me seem super sensitive and bitter, but I have been keeping my mouth shut for the most part when these crazy things have been said.  But the next person who states the obvious or pisses me off, just know that I might not be so kind.  AND I might not refrain from sitting on you now that I AM getting bigger ;)

Oh and check out our little nugget below.  What do you think ... boy or girl?


  1. He or she is a real human! So beautiful! So proud of you and Andy!

  2. Lol, this post was awesome. I totally understand. Sadly the "helpful " advice won't stop. Hang in there Mama. You're doing just fine. :)