Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Baby Morello

The cat's out of the bag.

I told my parents and in-laws that we heard Baby Mo's heartbeat this morning and that they had my permission to announce it to the world.  By 10:45 a.m my Facebook was going crazy!  I should have assumed that Grandma Ricci would be that excited and update her status right away.

I, on the other hand, have been weary about letting the "world" know.  I have been burdened with anxiety.  During the first couple weeks of knowing, I remember lying in bed at night prior to my first appointments, just worrying about everything.  I have the mentality that if something goes wrong and only a few know, I won't have to explain why the baby doesn't arrive in July.

With that said, today, hearing the heartbeat changed everything.  But ... I don't want to be that person that bombards your Newsfeed with pictures of my bump and/or posts of how I'm feeling every hour.  I will, however, update the ones who are interested here, on my blog.  So what do you want to know?

4 Weeks 
8 Weeks 
We are NOT finding out the gender.  This is how people have been doing it for centuries, there's no reason to change now.  I know I have the patience that's necessary to remain in the dark about Baby Mo's sex.  There are definitely benefits to finding out, but by waiting I can spend the rest of my pregnancy having fantasies about babies of both genders.  I feel that this might actually make the last few weeks more bearable.  Not to mention, the extra benefit: it will drive all of you crazy!

Yes, we have names picked out ... but we are NOT sharing them.  The ones we've pick have so much meaning to us.  If I saw an ounce of hate after telling someone, I would be devastated.  Not to mention, we aren't finding out the sex, so why commit?  Secondly, I want to meet Baby Mo first.  I want to be certain that I choose the perfect name for him or her.  I mean, they'll be John or Jane forever, right?  (HINT: Those names are not on our list.)

The first thing I bought for Baby Mo?  A blanket.  I took a pregnancy test in Wisconsin during the day while Andy was at work.  I couldn't tell him over the phone so I went to Target and bought Baby Mo's first blanky.  I wrapped it up and planned to surprise Andy with it when he got home.  But before his fingers untied the bows I shouted "We're having a baby!"  I couldn't contain my excitement.  He was shocked, I cried, and we celebrated with pizza ... and water.

No, I have not started the nursery.  My baby showers are tentatively planned for the beginning of April in Michigan.  I will be starting right after that!  Right now I am too tired after work to even think about it, let alone make dinner.  My baby daddy has been a wonderful housewife over the last 13 weeks. :)

So ... there's Baby Mo's first update.  We will be back in the next couple weeks with more.  Please keep us in your positive thoughts, prayers, or whatever you might do to stay calm and find peace.  We are hoping for a happy and healthy baby on July 23rd, 2015!


  1. What a great way to share your pregnancy! You are going to be great parents!

  2. What a great way to share your pregnancy! You are going to be great parents!