Monday, December 8, 2014

New Mexico: Part Two

This might come as a shock to some of you, but Andy and I are extremely unhappy in Wisconsin.  We truly thought that we would be making this location our forever home, but after just a few months we knew that this state was a not a good fit.  To be honest, we don't think the Midwest is a good fit anymore.  About six months in one of Andy's old co-workers contacted him regarding his old job telling him they were finally planning on replacing him.  He jokingly asked if Andy wanted to come back .... we didn't think twice.  We love everything about New Mexico and miss it very, very much.  Andy was officially offered his job back in October, we are to relocate this January.

Fortunately, within this time I was able to land a job as well.  I will be working for the first company I worked for when we originally moved to Santa Fe, an Ameriprise Financial franchise.  I am their newest Financial Planning Assistant.  They offered me a job immediately after I told them I was moving back.  I'm very excited to work with them again.

We don't regret moving back to the Midwest however.  Wisconsin was supposed to happen.  Here we were able to focus on our relationship, figure out how to budget more effectively, and map out our future, hopes, and dreams.  We are very grateful for the time we spent here, the people we've met, and the visitors we've had.  We understand this announcement will bum a lot of people out and we are sorry for that.  But please understand this is something we need to do.  This is what we want for our future.

We will be home for a week over Christmas so contact us to say good bye/good luck.  AND please feel free to come visit us whenever you have the extra cash and time.  We have rented a gorgeous house over looking two mountain ranges in the country, you won't want to leave!

With love,

Sandy and Andy

Our new home. 

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