Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Neenah, Wisconsin

We are going on our sixth week in Wisconsin.  Wow, did that go fast?!?

The house is finally set, Andy’s job is going great, and I’ve been interviewing like crazy.  I accepted a three week customer service temporary position at Kimberly-Clark and I have received a couple offers since the move.  Due to the offers not being the right fit, I decided to look into temp positions and hope the opening at KC will create a bigger opportunity for me within the company.  I am still hoping to pursue my career in marketing, but looking into sales and/or customer service to broaden my experience.  My goal is to have an actual job in January 2014.  Fingers crossed!

As for the state of Wisconsin, Andy and I really like it here.  We are residing in Neenah, a small town in Winnebago County.  It is situated on the banks of Lake Winnebago and the Fox River, a really beautiful, Midwest location.  According to Wikipedia, the area was first designated an industrial and agricultural mission to the Menominee Indians in 1835.  It is also very well-known for Neenah Paper, a paper mill established in 1873 and Kimberly-Clark Corporation was formed here in 1872.  Lots of history – I can’t wait to learn more.

Below are some photos of our new place, but don’t get too attached – If we like it here we may buy our first home and finally start a little family.  (I am told the schools here are wonderful!)  But if we don’t like it, I am totally prepared for new adventures in the future elsewhere.  We hope to see all your faces soon and YES, we do have a guest room that is not pictured below due to a few more boxes that need to be unpacked. ;)

Needs some TLC, but it is very cute! 

Living Room 

Dining Room 



Our Bedroom 

Our very tiny bathroom! 

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