Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Next Chapter

The past few months Andy and I have been talking about changes in our life and what comes next - career goals, starting a family, and what state to reside in.  We both are at a place where we needed more growth in our professions, thought that if we truly want to start a family we ourselves need to be closer to family, and both of us miss the Midwest .... SOOO the job search began ... It took a few months and a couple disappointments, but I am very excited to announce that Andy, Kimber, Tikka, and I will be relocating to the Fox Cities of northeastern Wisconsin.

Last Thursday Andy was offered the Senior Design Engineer position at Oshkosh Truck.  He will be assisting with creation of the replacement vehicle for the Humvee.  Which in my opinion is VERY impressive! His first day is scheduled for October 14th.  We know this is a very ambitious time period, but we are ready for the challenge and ready for the change.  (Now I need to find a job, no pressure!)

We look forward to five hour drives to Grand Rapids (much better than 24), quick trips to Chicago, and motorcycle visitors to the WI.  

Please let us know if you'd like to visit after the move and when.  We might need to start a shared calendar since people are already sending us dates!  We are SO excited to be closer to all our friends and family, but are also very sad to say good-by to our Santa Fe friends here.  We have grown so close (you know who you are!) and have so many fantastic memories throughout the three years.  I don't want to think about our last few days here and saying good-bye.  BUT we now have MANY excuses to visit Santa Fe again and again. 

Thank you Santa Fe for a wonderful three year run, it was a good one! 

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