Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Personal Invasion

Today when I pulled in the driveway I noticed a package. I was so excited (I love getting packages!) I immediately unlocked the door, found a scissor, and opened the box. After being in my home for about five minutes my stomach dropped. It was the most unsettling feeling I've ever felt. I knew something wasn't right. I started walking through the hallway and didn't hear the dogs make any commotion, they always hear me when I come home for the day.  Hmmm ...

Once entering the bedroom I noticed the window was wide open. Oh my god, I forgot to shut the window. My stomach dropped again. It's been pretty cold the past few days in Santa Fe, quite nice actually, so Andy and I have been sleeping with the window open. I totally forgot to shut it and lock it before leaving this morning. Oh my god.

I noticed the screen was popped out and my underwear drawer was on the floor. My eyes darted to my jewelry box. Gone. Top drawer to Andy's dresser? Open. Handgun? Gone. I started freaking out. I'm home alone.

I called Andy trying to keep my cool, but the moment I heard his voice I couldn't contain my frustration. I apologized over and over to him and tried telling him what happened, but the words weren't leaving my mouth. (Why do people feel the need to take things that don't belong to them?) "I'll be home in five seconds," he says.

I wait by the door. He holds me as I let out my anger. I'm more scared than anything.  I'm sad, angry. I'm shaking.

He calls the police department. I notice our computers are gone too, chargers and all. I'm so upset I fall to the floor. This can't be real I think over and over. Andy hangs up the phone and holds me again. He is my rock.

A policeman arrives in less than an hour. He asks questions, takes photos, and writes notes. Luckily we had receipts for everything besides my jewelry, the items with the most meaning. My grandmother's costume jewelry - the rings she would literally wear on every finger, Andy's grandmother's birthstone his grandfather gave me as a gift a few years ago, a pair of earrings I wore for my best friend's wedding. There was more, much more in that box. Most of these items were worth nothing,  but emotionally they were worth everything. We also had all the serial numbers for the other items. The cop was impressed. He said we are the forth house (in a row) that has been broken into. Heroin users needing drug money he assumed.

We were suppose to meet our friends for dinner, but clearly we had our minds on something else. Instead they brought dinner to us. It was so nice to sit around the table, laugh, and have a few beers. It took my mind off this horrible event for awhile.

As I was getting ready for bed I noticed our iPod was gone too and they took a pillowcase! (The iPod actually has our names engraved on the back. Good luck selling that for dope, losers!)

Sitting here, not being able to sleep I think how scared the dogs probably were. I think what if I was home alone? I think it could have been worse ... I have never felt this helpless in my entire life.

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