Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Since I haven’t updated my blog in about a month I thought I should put together a quick post.  One of my New Year’s resolutions is to blog at least once per month and I’m trying really hard to keep up on all my resolutions.  (I’ve also been working out and eating healthier.  I feel wonderful and will write about that soon!)

This month was actually a rough month.  Andy and I found out that we have to pay back in taxes and my hours at work got cut.  I’ve been trying to stay positive and keep reminding myself that it could be worse.  I just have to be optimistic (maybe do some yoga) and get over this little bump in the road.

On a positive note, my mom is coming to visit in just one month for the third time and then my two best friends are coming in 12 weeks for their first Santa Fe vacation.  I seriously can’t wait!

Also, in the beginning of the month I celebrated my 26th day of birth on the 2nd.  Andy and I have created a wonderful group of friends and they all came out with us to wish me a very happy birthday.  We went out for sushi and then walked over to a bar next door where even more people came to celebrate with me.  It was a really great time and made feel so loved. 

On my actual birthday it was Super Bowl Sunday, which happens every few years to me, ugh!  Andy and I weren’t very interested in the game so we drove to Albuquerque for some birthday shopping.  (Andy was so excited, jk!)  After, we stopped by a friend's house to watch the rest of the game.  It was a great birthday and a great way to start this crazy month!

Andy bought me my favorite dessert from Whole Foods.  De-li-cious!

Some of our Santa Fe friends during my birthday celebration. Love them!!

Oh!! And we dog sat a little man named Sam.  Tikka was so happy to have made a new friend!!

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