Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Diablo Canyon

Lately, Sundays have been dedicated to hiking in the Morello house over the past few weeks.  I love planning a day a week to be spent outside surrounded by nature, not to mention Santa Fe is known for amazing weather and gorgeous blue skies.

Last Sunday we tried a new trial, Diablo (Devil) Canyon.  According to one of my co-workers it is called this because at certain times of the day when the sun hits you can see a shadow in the shape of the devil.  I don't know if I believe him, I think it is named this because it is hotter than hell in the canyon.  I got sunburned in the middle of September!

Diablo Canyon is considered a section of the Caja del Rio, a part of the Santa Fe National Forest.  We saw a group of horseback riders, rock climbers, a few hikers and tire marks from off-roaders. (Of course Andy wants to take the Jeep down here now!)  There are many trails we came across, but we wanted our destination to be the Rio Grande.  It only took us about 3.5 miles to get there and the dogs loved it.  Tikka even went in to her belly all by herself.  We are hoping she starts liking water more since Andy wants to train her to be his sidekick while hunting next season.

This trail was extremely scenic and pretty simple.  We had to stop more for the dogs this time since it was so hot.  I think that we probably should have waited until next month to experience this hike, but nonetheless it was very enjoyable.

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