Monday, July 9, 2012

Joe and Deb in Santa Fe

Over the Fourth of July Andy and I had two very special visitors, Andy’s parents! Joe and Deb flew in from Grand Rapids, Michigan for a 10 day visit/vacation. Since they were here for awhile we were able to do SO much. The weather was perfect and since they came during a holiday we were able to get some extra time off to spend with them. I think my favorite thing over the week was actually a night where we all stayed in and played board games – it was a great way to relax and have fun. Check out the photos of our time together below!

Joe and Deb enjoying Santa Fe Pale Ale during their first day in Santa Fe. 

Andy took us Off-Roading!!

Sunday Hike
Canyon Road

Dinner at Chocolate Maven 

Tent Rocks
We took a drive on our last day together and found this. So pretty!!

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