Monday, June 18, 2012

Best Friends Forever

Exactly a month ago I stood alongside my best friend as she married her fiancé. I have been in a few weddings and always seem to get emotional, this one however was extra special. The church where the ceremony was held is the same church that Ann and I met. We spent years at that church together, kids choir, youth group, Sunday school, and even played in the bride room where we prepared for the wedding last month. This celebration brought back many great memories that we shared together as children.

If you don't already know, Ann and I have ridden a rollercoaster together throughout the years. We've been friends on and off during middle school, high school, and even college. However, the last few years she has really been there for me and our friendship bloomed more than ever. So you can see why I was nervous when I moved ... due to our track record.  I thought our friendship would fade, but actually it is stronger. Ann always stay in contact. She is the only friend who consistently e-mails and calls me on a regular basis. I truly appreciate that.

I am extremely grateful for our friendship and for the fact that I was able to stand up in her wedding. It really means a lot to me and made me realize we will  be friends forever.

Last July at Scott's wedding, another church friend!
Bachelorette Party - 2010
Girl's Night Out - 2008
We love Coldstone!!
Don't Ask!
Ann's 18th Birthday Celebration - 2005

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  1. Awww! Thanks! I feel so special :) I love you and your friendship! I am so happy with the way our relationship has bloomed over the years :)