Friday, May 4, 2012


Today, my friend Betsey and I spent two hours with Julianna Poldi, an amazing artist, who showed us how to explore the steps of acrylic painting.  At first, I didn’t know what to expect since I’m not very artistic, but found that this was a very therapeutic way to end my work week and helped my organized, controlled self to relax.

First, Julianna taught us the importance of texture and layers.  She told us stories and showed us examples of why to start with a primer-like paint and a background color.  The reason for this is because white spaces are then visible once the piece is complete and that doesn’t look good.

With just those couple tips, Julianna then told us to have fun!  She explained that having fun is the most important thing to remember when creating something. Throughout the two hour session she showed us techniques, brush strokes, and other secrets to create our masterpieces. Not only did Julianna teach me the basics of acrylics she taught me how important it is to not think of the outcome of your artwork, but to just think about what you are doing that exact moment.

After looking at my completed pieces this made me think her words of advice could apply to our everyday life. We go day by day living through routines, schedules, the same old same old.  We never stop to take in the life we live or go each day by the hour or minute.

Julianna is an amazing artist who exhibits her art through the nation and has worldwide collectors. To learn more about Julianna, her art, and classes visit her site here.


  1. Love it! So glad that you have the opportunity to try things like this. I would love to see what you created :)

  2. Where is a pic of what you did?

  3. I will post it once it is framed :)