Saturday, May 12, 2012

Passport to the Arts

Andy, Kimber, and I spent the morning on Canyon Road with our new friends, Shelly and Marek.  Since we haven’t visited this famous wonder of Santa Fe we decided to go this morning to witness an Artist Quick Draw during the Passport to the Arts

This opportunity was really great.  We saw many local artists using different mediums and techniques under the pressure of time and in public view. There were 33 participants at three different galleries who were to create an original piece in just 90 minutes.

Surprisingly all the artist seemed totally stress free.  Even though time was limited the artists answered questions and explained techniques to their admirers in awe of their work. 

When time was up and the paint still wet, the artists donated their pieces to an auction supporting the Santa Fe Public Schools Music Education Program. 

After seeing “real” artists create I was inspired.  I had some unfinished pieces at home that I finally completed.

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