Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mom and Dad in Santa Fe

I was planning for a whole month to make my parent’s trip to Santa Fe perfect.  It was hard because they planned a trip in between their stay to visit my Aunt in Arizona. But I did clean the guest room top to bottom, found a couple easy hikes to take them on, horseback riding companies to try, and I even researched new restaurants for my dad since he doesn’t like spicy food.

Mom and Dad at Marble Brewery
My mom was able to witness the beauty of Santa Fe last year so this time around I was especially excited to show my dad our new town.  I was also very interested to see how my dad reacted to the culture.  New Mexico is a very different place and in my opinion you really have to learn to love it. It was quite entertaining to see him take it in, but I think he liked it in the end. He even tried some spicy food ... turn red and had to guzzle water, but he tried it!!

Dad enjoying Sunny Santa Fe
After the first full day I realized my plans were flying out the window … we were going to follow Tourist Ricci and Rodney.  Instead of horseback riding and hiking we went to a handful of bars and restaurants, walked the historic plaza, hit up Santa Fe Harley, and they were able to stay at my hotel.  My mom and I even had a spa day while the boys went to a shooting range.  Their visit was great, but it really went way too fast.

What a great time!!
Since we didn’t do everything I wanted during their stay I told them they HAVE to come back soon and this time for longer.  

I’ve already wrote a few things down for their next visit so I don’t forget!!

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