Saturday, February 4, 2012


I normally write about my adventures, insights, or thoughts in this blog, but was really interested in my husband’s first attempt at spelunking last weekend. Last minute he was invited to endeavor this extreme hobby and jumped at the opportunity instantly. 

According to a spelunker is someone who explores caves as a hobby. This may be true, but in Andy and his friends’ case it was more of a beer and chicken fest in the depths of a dark cave. Yes, this sounds intriguing and very fun, but as a sufferer of claustrophobia, I think I made a good decision by not going. 

When Andy came home late that afternoon his exact words were, “You would have hated that!” I guess you have to inch through many areas and army crawl through small spaces. No thanks, I would have been in hell! 

I’m glad Andy was able to go and enjoyed this new challenge, I hope he can try again.  He didn’t take any photos, but his new friend, Reid wrote about their eventful adventure in the blog below. Enjoy! 

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