Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ways to Stretch your Wedding Budget

To celebrate Valentine’s Day and my recent obsession with Pinterest, I’m dedicating this blog post to all my friends who are getting married in the future and for people I don’t know who might need a little help stretching a buck during that stressful wedding planning time. 

I was the unlucky one and didn’t have this amazing site during my wedding planning experience, nor did I have a thrifty fiancé spitting out color scheme ideas, cake flavors, or a savings account for that matter. With or without Pinterest, I think I did a great job stretching the little budget we had.  

Below are a few ways YOU can save money … and your sanity while planning the biggest day of your life. 

1. I have a VERY crafty and creative mother. She made the coolest, yet elegant, invites and put together a great program for our guests. She also made all the table tents with a little flower in the corner identifying what meal the guest ordered. 

 2. In addition to making your invites, give your guests an e-mail or phone number to respond to with their RSVP, that way you don’t have to spend money on an extra stamp. They are 45 cents now by the way!

3. I also have a crafty aunt. She made all the flower arrangements, bouquets, and boutonnieres. We used only three different flowers, which saved us a ton of money. She also married us. This was perfect, it didn’t cost us anything and the ceremony was extremely personal because she knows us and our relationship. I couldn’t have asked for a better person!

4. Use a picture frame as your guest book instead of an actual guest book; you’ll probably pack the book in a box to collect dust anyway. Our photo hangs in our dining room and when people come over they always read the comments and complement us on how creative that was to do. 


5. Another thing that will collect dust is a fancy wedding cake knife and server. I bought mine from Party City or Hobby Lobby for only 10 bucks or so. What do people really do with these after the big day anyway?

6. Talking about cake, my friend made ours as our wedding gift, it was amazing! We didn’t have enough for everyone so we bought two of those big sheet cakes at Costco. We saved more than half of what we would have buying from a bakery. Also, my other friend did my hair and makeup as my wedding gift.  She did an amazing job, I loved it and love her! 

7. At the reception serve only beer and wine, most people couldn’t care less as long as they are drinking! Oh and skip the champagne during the toasts, our wedding coordinator told us most don’t even drink it. What a waste! 

8. Be creative while thinking about gifts for the guests. I’ve been to so many weddings where the gifts suck! We know people like to eat so we had popcorn after dinner; we were married at a movie theater so it was the perfect touch!

9. When shopping for DJs, halls, photographer, etc. be sure to tell them exactly how much is in the budget for that portion of the wedding and how much other competitors you called would charge you. I received discounts on everything! These companies want your business, they will lower prices instantly.  

10. Lastly, you’ll receive a huge discount when you have your ceremony and reception on a Friday. People will complain, trust me. But who cares, it is YOUR day and you will save a ton of money!  

If you have any questions regarding this post or other wedding ideas please feel free to e-mail me at sandra.lynn.morello@gmail.com

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  1. I LOVE your frame guest book! And the calla lilies next to your cake were gorgeous :-) This blog post was very helpful.