Sunday, January 15, 2012

Meatless Mondays

During my last year of college I took a research class, I had to do so in order to graduate with a Bachelor of Science.  I was actually really excited to take this class, because I heard the professor was great and I really enjoyed other research classes I took during college.  However, before the semester started the professor had been changed.  I think he was the worst professor/teacher I have ever had during my entire education. He would come to class in flip flops and shorts (sometimes hung-over) and would consistently use YouTube videos, documentaries, and movies to try educate us. (I do have to say sometimes those mediums aren’t bad, but in this case it was a huge waste of my time and money.) With that said, there was one documentary that actually got my attention. 

Food, Inc. is an amazing outlook that renders America's industrialized food system and the outcome it has on our surroundings, well-being, country, etc ... I won’t go into too many details, because I don’t want to pressure or persuade others to follow my footsteps. This documentary will change your eating habits if you decide to watch it, I promise. (Our professor told us the same thing and allowed students to leave his class if they didn’t want to watch.) 

After class I went straight home (I was still living at home with my parents) and told my mom and dad all about the movie we watched. They shook their heads and rolled their eyes, basically blowing off all my ideas to change our family’s eating habits. There wasn’t much I could do, I guess I could have bought my own groceries, but hey I was in college, I didn’t have the money for that! 

Once I moved out I explained the premise to Andy and we started watching what we ate and purchased. For the past year in a half we do not consume certain company products and try to eat less meat. When we do eat meat we buy free range and grass fed products and try to purchase everything local, fresh, and/or organic. I have noticed a huge difference in the way the food cooks and in our health. For example, when buying beef I never have to drain the grease … there isn’t any. It is so lean, tender, and yummy. We also buy our fruits and vegetables fresh; they really do taste that much better! 

In addition to the documentary I read an article in Food Network Magazine that suggested having Meatless Mondays. We do this every week now; it is fun because I have the ability to try to new recipes. I also, try to throw in one or two meatless meals in addition to Mondays. We consume a lot of shrimp, fish, and pasta. 

I know people think that this might be an expensive way to shop, but honestly if it were Andy and I couldn’t do it. Before we need to buy groceries, we make a menu by looking to see what is on sale at the local grocers. (We might have to go to a few different stores, but we think it is worth it.)  Then we create a grocery list from our menu, this is actually something my mom taught me when I was very young. We also do a little shopping at the local farmers market, which is a great way to keep it local! 

There is no way I could become a vegetarian, but I can control how much meat I purchase and consume for my own well-being and for the environment. 

*I can post Meatless Monday Meals Andy and I have made and enjoyed if requested. Thank you for reading and please consider watching Food, Inc.*


  1. It is a fact that one of the biggest impacts you can have on the environment is to stop eating meat. I have nothing against meat in fact I loved meat. But when my doctor suggested I cut it out to help reduce inflammation, I decided to give it a try. I haven't had any back issues since then and that was just over a year ago.

    I have lots of recipes if you need any, Sandy. My sister got me a Vegan cookbook for Christmas.

    I am really glad to see that Andy was willing to give it a try too.

  2. Gina, I would love to share recipes with you!! Please e-mail me a couple :)