Monday, December 12, 2011

Saving Memories

The other day I was going through my recipe box and realized I have so many recipes I haven’t used, will never use, or know by heart. I threw a lot out but didn’t want to part with some. You see, at one of my bridal showers everyone had to bring a recipe instead of a card. Some family members and friends gave me old recipes that belonged to my Great Grandma Gort and Grandma Beech. They are both no longer with us so you can understand why I couldn’t throw them out. 

I love the old recipe cards they wrote on and how the ink is so faded you can hardly read them. I really wanted to keep these but didn’t want to keep them tucked away in my recipe box. They are too special to be hidden. It took me a couple days until I came up with the idea below. 


All I did was purchase a frame from Hobby Lobby, glued the cards on matting, and hung the frame in my dining room. I'm so happy I thought of this, I love the fact that I can look at these every time I cook and be reminded of the wonderful women in my life.

I sent the photo above to my mom right away. She liked it so much she wants to copy me, I thought I should post about it so others can too. Have fun!


  1. I have so many faded recipe cards! Very creative idea! How's the homesickness? My family rented a house in Santa Fe a few years ago when my oldest step-daughter interned at the Los Alamos National Lab. Great hiking out that way!

  2. Homesickness is no longer, thank goodness!! My husband and I love Santa Fe and actually do a lot of hiking with our black lab, she loves it more than us I think :)