Monday, December 12, 2011

Saving Memories

The other day I was going through my recipe box and realized I have so many recipes I haven’t used, will never use, or know by heart. I threw a lot out but didn’t want to part with some. You see, at one of my bridal showers everyone had to bring a recipe instead of a card. Some family members and friends gave me old recipes that belonged to my Great Grandma Gort and Grandma Beech. They are both no longer with us so you can understand why I couldn’t throw them out. 

I love the old recipe cards they wrote on and how the ink is so faded you can hardly read them. I really wanted to keep these but didn’t want to keep them tucked away in my recipe box. They are too special to be hidden. It took me a couple days until I came up with the idea below. 


All I did was purchase a frame from Hobby Lobby, glued the cards on matting, and hung the frame in my dining room. I'm so happy I thought of this, I love the fact that I can look at these every time I cook and be reminded of the wonderful women in my life.

I sent the photo above to my mom right away. She liked it so much she wants to copy me, I thought I should post about it so others can too. Have fun!

Monday, December 5, 2011

DIY Monogram Wreath

A couple weeks ago my best friend sent me an invite to Pinterest.  I spend almost three hours researching this AWESOME website.  There are SO many great ideas, recipes, DIY crafts, and more compiled on this site.  There are posts after posts that I thought, I can do that!  So last night I took a trip to Hobby Lobby and purchased supplies for my first DIY project. 

I found instructions on a blog for a burlap monogram holly-berry wreath through Pinterest a couple nights ago.  I liked it so much and wanted to recreate that exact one, however,  I wanted to be able to hang it on my door all year around. 

I was decorating our Christmas tree and had some left over strings of beads.  I thought to myself, this would be perfect for my wreath!  So all I needed to buy was burlap  (I ended up using ribbon instead due to the odd shape of the letter) and a wooden letter.  A list of items needed and instructions are below.  Enjoy! 


monogram letter
hot glue gun and sticks
burlap or ribbon
beads, flowers, garland, or anything that can be glued onto the letter


Since I used old bead strands I had to cut each one off the strand.  This took FOREVER, (I made my husband help!) but  it ended up working really well. 

I used the hot glue gun to attach each bead.  I lined the outside of the letter with silver beads because I had the most of those and didn’t want to run out. 

 Then, I filled the empty parts with the others, iridescent and pearl-like beads.

Last, I tried to make a bow out of burlap, but due to the odd shape of the letter it did not turn out.  I had some red ribbon for a different project and thought it would look great for the holiday.  I can switch the ribbon out once the holiday season is over if I want.   I wrapped the ribbon over the top parts of the letter and tied off the top section with a little piece of burlap to keep the ribbon secure.  DONE! 

My letter looks totally different compared to the one I saw on Pinterest, but I'm okay with that.  I just got the idea and did my own thing.  There are so many possibilities with this project, different letter fonts and sizes, assorted items to glue to the letter, and multiple ways to hang the letter.  Have fun with it!!