Thursday, July 14, 2011

Las Conchas Fire

It has been a very crazy (and scary) couple weeks …..  Now might be a good time to finally update my readers. 

A couple weeks ago I was watching TV after dinner. A special report appeared on the screen with information regarding a fire in Las Conchas, New Mexico. Immediately I looked up a map of New Mexico and found that Las Conchas is very close to Los Alamos National Laboratory, where Andy works, about 35 miles from Santa Fe, where we live. I also found out that the fire started that afternoon and by night it had grown to almost 4,000 acres! Los Alamos County evacuated all their residents and closed the lab all week. Within that week the fire grew over 100,000 acres, becoming the biggest fire New Mexico has ever seen. 

The first night, after knowing what was going on, I couldn’t sleep. I was constantly thinking about the fire and the people who had to pick up their lives and leave. I was thinking about how it would feel to go back to your home and it not being there anymore, all your things …… just gone. But supposedly, fires are very common during the dry summers here. There were a few surrounding Santa Fe at this time, just not as big.  I don’t think I will ever get used to this. (I even made Andy heighten our renters insurance just in case!) In Michigan we never have fears of fires, water is taken for granted there and here it is truly a gift. At this time we hadn’t had rain since May, but now it rains pretty much every day on and off. July is considered monsoon season and that will really help. 

This event is very scary; I can’t believe I’ve witnessed something this extreme! Please keep all New Mexicans in your positive thoughts throughout the next couple weeks while the clean up begins. Andy and I donated some food and toiletries to a local food drive and hope to do more very soon.