Monday, January 31, 2011

Worst Critic

I feel like my brain is going to explode due to the information it’s been downloading since Wednesday morning. Don’t get me wrong I’m incredibly thankful for this opportunity and the fact that I found a job so quickly after the big move … But, I’m nervous that I’m going to crack under pressure before this Wednesday when my training is supposed to be compete. (I thought writing for The Collegiate and On the Town Magazine was stressful, but after seeing the size of checks I’m dealing with on a regular basis I’m starting to feel the pressure!)

My regular day starts by cleaning the break room and front office, checking voicemails, attending meetings, logging mail in and out, writing letters confirming appointments, making phones call, summarizing meetings, scanning and uploading documents, and paying bills all while I’m supposed to greet clients, answer the phone, and file very important documents. 

I know I can do this! I’m strong, educated, independent, and very organized, but I’m having a hell of a time figuring out what tasks I should start and finish first. I want to throw the stack of papers that accumulate every second on my desk up in the air like the actors do with money in the movies.

However, today one of my bosses complimented me on how I was catching on so quickly, my work ethic and my organization skills. I think I need to look in the mirror and as corny as it sounds talk myself out of this ridiculous feeling. I need to relax, slow down, and enjoy that fact that I’m learning. 

They hired me for a reason, right?


  1. I understand the feeling all to well, but yes they hired you for a reason. It's easy to assume it's all about to collapse, particularly during that initial transition stage, but you'll make it through and find the rhythm before you know it.
    Oh, and congrats on the new job!

  2. Welcome to the real world! Being at one job for so long made you forget what its like learning a new job.. you will catch on and do great! they don't expect you to know everything and have no mistakes right away.

  3. Thank you guys!! Today went much better than yesterday :)