Monday, December 13, 2010


According to Wikipedia homesickness is a distress or impairment caused by an actual or anticipated separation from a specific home environment or an attachment of an object. I would say this about sums it up for me. Being 500 miles away from friends and family for the first time just sucks!

The first month in Hancock consisted of organizing and unpacking our new (rented) home together. This did  fill up my day until Andy came home from school, but once everything was unpacked and organized a few weeks later I was bored and alone during the day. I cleaned every room a hundred times, but didn't feel a sense of accomplishment. I received that picture message that I spoke of briefly in the last post and thought to myself that morning, "Am I going to wake up and clean everyday?" That was when it hit me, hit me hard. I broke down and decided I needed to do something besides clean and mope around the house all day, every day.

I called around to find a gym thinking exercise would make me feel better, it did. However, it didn't fill up my day, you can only workout for so long until you want to pass out and die. I didn't want to find a job because we are only living in Hancock for a few months. So, after that long talk with Andy I thought I'd Google volunteering positions in the area. I came across Keweenaw Family Resource Center, called, left a message, and within an hour the director called me back. She asked me to interview the next day, I did, and got the job on the spot. Obviously, it isn't a paying position, but it gives me a reason to wake up in the morning and do something, not to mention it looks great on my resume!

After two months of volunteering I have to say good-bye on Thursday. I’ve connected with so many people at the KFRC and actually made a little business for myself. I began babysitting a few time weeks for families who attend; this really helped me stay busy. However, part of me wishes that I didn’t follow this avenue because now I’m incredibly attached to the employees, parents, and children. It is going to be really hard to say good-bye in couple days. I know I didn’t do a great deal of work for the KFRC, but I know that I helped them a little due to all the thank you’s and praise I receive every day. I’m really going to miss them and everything they do for the children around the area. If you’d like to know more about the KFRC visit their website, ( it is a wonderful non-profit!

The reason why I’m saying good-bye to the KFRC after only two months is because Andy and I are moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico for our next adventure. Andy landed a position at Los Alamos National Laboratory and is very excited to put his six year of education and knowledge to work. Now … it is time for me to find a job!!  


  1. Althought it's only been a few months, it feels like we've known you forever, Sandy. You will truely be missed!

    We wish you all the best and know that there is a lucky employeer in NM who doesn't even know yet what a great employee they will soon be getting. Good luck and we look forward to reading about your NM adventures :).

    All our best! Megan, Laney & Leah

  2. Thank you, Megan! Follow me to stay updated, I'm going to keep posting :)

  3. Sandy, the way you have made such great friends up north in such little time shows that you will have no problem doing the same thing in New Mexico! Eventually you won't want to leave New Mexico because of all the great friends you will make there. Don't be sad about your situation... be excited about all the new opportunities! Yes, life at home will go on without you and there will be things you will miss... but if you don't go out and make a life for yourself and Andy, then you will also miss out on great adventures for the both of you! Keep your head up, you and Andy will do just fine in New Mexico!